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Saturday, March 25

19 Israeli violations against fishermen last month in Gaza

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A Palestinian official report has showed an increase in the number of Israeli violations against Gaza fishermen in February, compared to previous months.

The report, which was released by the agricultural work committees in Gaza, said that 19 different violations were committed last month by the Israeli occupation navy and their gunboats against fishermen.

Those violations included pursuits, attacks with live ammunition and water cannons, and attempts to capsize fishing boats.

Three fishermen moderately injured when Israeli naval forces used water cannons and live ammunition against them during the reporting period.

The violations also included the detention of three fishermen after their exposure to attacks by Israeli forces in Gaza waters.

In addition, the Israeli navy confiscated one boat, damaged two others partially, and ruined seven fishing nets during the same period.

In a related context, the report pointed out that the Israeli occupation army had reduced or expanded the fishing zone in Gaza waters eight times last month and completely prevented fishing activities along the Gaza coast for three days during the last military tension.