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Wednesday, March 29

Israel bans Palestinian agricultural exports via Jordan

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The assistant undersecretary for the economic sector in the Ministry of Agriculture, Tareq Abu Laban, said on Sunday that the decision by the so–called Israeli Minister of Defense, Naftali Bennett, to ban all Palestinian agricultural exports to the world markets via Jordan came into effect today.

Abu Laban told WAFA news agency in a phone call that the Israeli government’s descion to ban the export of Palestinian vegetables, fruits, olive oil and dates was in response to the Palestinian government’s decision to ban the import of Israeli calves into the Palestinian market.

He explained that the value of these exports amounts to $100 million annually, and the majority of them are cultivated in the Jordan Valley region, which is threatened with confiscation by Israel under the recently unveiled "deal of the century" proposal, vehemently rejected by the Palestinians.

“These products can be absorbed locally. This loss can be dealt with in the framework of unity and teamwork, in order to reduce its consequences at all levels”, Abu Laban added.

On Friday, the Israeli forces returned a number of Palestinian truckloads of agricultural products that were to be exported abroad.

Last week, the Palestinian government declared a ban on the entry of Israeli products into the Palestinian market, including vegetables, fruits, juices, mineral water and carbonated drinks, in response to Bennet’s decision banning the entry of Palestinian agricultural products into Israel.