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Friday, March 24

Minor prisoner was beaten after moving from one Israeli jail to another

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A minor Palestinian prisoner told his lawyer that he was severely beaten when he was moved from one prison in Israel to another, said the Prisoners’ Affairs Commission on Saturday.

It said in a statement that Muhammad Ahmad Hadi, 17, from Bethlehem, was severely beaten and tortured after he was transferred from Ofer prison to Damoon and then to Jalameh.

Hadi told his lawyer, who visited him in Damoon prison, that on the day he arrived at Damoon on January 13, two men entered the room he was kept in, dragged him to the waiting room where three other men entered the room and started beating him all over his body while he was handcuffed as another officer was filming the whole thing on his phone.

He said he had many bruises and cuts as well as swelling in the face and around the eyes.

He was later taken to another room where he was tied up along with other minor prisoners, beaten again and then taken to Jamaleh prison where he was kept for one week before taken back to Damoon

While in Jalameh, said Hadi, he went on hunger strike and each of the minors were kept in separate cells. He said he remained on hunger strike for four days. After that an officer entered the cell and wanted to forcefully remove his clothes if he would not end his strike, which he did in fear of being beaten again.

The commission said the Israel Prison Service abuses the minor prisoners and keeps them in their cold cells without food or proper clothing. Often the minors are taken to Jalameh prison, where they get tortured and then returned to Damoon.