Days of Palestine

Wednesday, March 22

Several British cities protest against the deal of the century

Days of Palestine -

Days Of Palestine

Hundreds of Palestinians and activists in solidarity with Palestine responded to the invitation of the Palestinian Forum in Britain in cooperation with the Palestinian community, Stop the war, the General Union of Palestinian Students and Olive for Palestinian youth to demonstrate against the century deal in front of the American embassy in London and the cities of Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Brighton.

Palestinian Ambassador to the UK Hossam Zomlot spoke about the Palestinian refusal of the deal praising the position of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who refuses to accept it.

Liyan Mohammed, the British Palestinian activist, spoke on behalf of the Palestinian forum in Britain, called on the British government not to deal with this deal in which violates international conventions.

For his part, Jamal, the representative of the British Solidarity Campaign with Palestine, invited the British to imagine if one of them was expelled from London then he asked them to take another city as their capital, just as the occupation did along with American support on the issue of Jerusalem, and how terrible and unacceptable that will be.

Unitary words of solidarity were delivered by the representative of the Palestinian community, Maher Suleiman; the General Union for Palestine Students, Reem Othman, and the speakers in solidarity with Palestine Maha Azzam of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council and Raghad Al-Takriti, president of the Muslim Association in Britain.
Pro-occupation groups have tried to disrupt the demonstration, but their voices were unheard as the number of demonstrators supporting Palestine increased.