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Sunday, April 2

Israeli intents to convert Jerusalem homes into jails

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Palestinian lawmaker Ahmed Attoun has warned of Israel’s attempts to convert Palestinian homes in Occupied Jerusalem into prisons as part of its efforts to pressure  the Jerusalemites to stop confronting its Judaization plans.

“The occupation’s measures and practices against the people of Jerusalem city, especially imposing coercive home confinement on our children, are a prelude to trying to limit any activity intended to resist the Israeli occupation, reject its policies and attempts to obliterate the landmarks and identity of Occupied Jerusalem, and confront its projects and efforts to Judaize and Israelize the city,” MP Attoun said in press remarks on Saturday.

“The occupation wants to convert our homes in Jerusalem city into jails through imposing house arrest on our children…it wants to disintegrate the Jerusalemite families by making the parents acting as jailers watching their children,” he added.