Days of Palestine

Friday, March 31

Israeli warplanes target post in besieged Gaza Strip

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Days Of Palestine – Gaza Strip

Israeli occupation warplanes targeted early on Thursday morning a post to the northwest of Gaza city in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Local sources said Israeli occupation fighter jets pounded open farmland with five missiles, causing extensive damage without injuries.

It added fire broke out in the field and that firefighters were rushed to the area.

Israel claimed the attack came in retaliation to a rocket fire from the enclave.

The attack rattled the shaky ceasefire brokered by Egypt and the United Nations that ended the flare-up triggered by the targeted assassination of Islamic Jihad leader Bahaa Abu al-Atta and his wife, Asmaa, on November 12.

Fourteen years following the Israeli “disengagement” from Gaza, Israel has not actually disengaged from Gaza; it still maintains control of its land borders, access to the sea and airspace.

Two million Palestinians live the Gaza Strip, which has been subjected to a punishing and crippling Israeli blockade for 13 years and repeated onslaughts that have heavily damaged much of the enclave’s infrastructure.