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Saturday, April 1

Israeli forces shoot, injure two Palestinian workers in West Bank

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Days Of Palestine – West Bank

Israeli occupation army on Saturday morning shot two Palestinian young workmen during their presence near the gate of the separation wall in the west of Nazlat Isa town, north of Tulkarem.

The victims were identified as Ahmed Kattana, 25, and Dirar Kattana, 21, and both of them were transferred to Martyr Thabet Thabet Hospital, according to media sources.

The workers were seeking to enter Israel (the 1948 occupied lands) to find jobs.

In recent months, dozens of West Bank workers had been injured in similar shooting incidents upon their attempts to reach workplaces in Israel.

The harsh economic conditions of many Palestinian families in the West Bank drive their sons and breadwinners to work in Israeli areas.

Only limited numbers of West Bank citizens manage to get work permits from the Israeli occupation authority — a situation that prompts hundreds of thousands of other workers to infiltrate into Israeli areas through the separation fence or wall.