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Wednesday, March 22

Egypt brokers ceasefire deal in Gaza

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An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire agreement was reportedly reached between the Palestinian resistance and Israel, and already came into effect at 05:30 am on Thursday, November 14.

No official sources have confirmed the news yet, but al-Jazeera satellite channel quoted unnamed sources as saying that the Islamic Jihad Movement and Israel accepted an Egyptian request for a ceasefire starting today morning.

The reported agreement came about four hours following an Israeli massacre that claimed the lives of six citizens from one family and injured 12 others in central Gaza.

The local newspaper al-Hadath also quoted a spokesman for Islamic Jihad Musab al-Bareem as saying that a ceasefire deal took effect after the Israeli occupation state acquiesced to the Palestinian resistance’s terms.

“This agreement has taken place after the resistance said its word, confronted the aggression, broke Netanyahu’s arrogance and defended the Palestinian people,” spokesman Bareem added.

He affirmed that the ceasefire deal was reached on the basis of conditions made by Islamic Jihad on behalf of the resistance factions, which demanded Israeli pledges to stop assassinations, refrain from targeting the participants in the March of Return rallies and start taking steps to end the siege on Gaza.