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Wednesday, March 22

Hamdan: We urge Saudi Arabia to release Khudari

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Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan has said that his Movement’s battle for the liberation of Palestine is only directed at the Israeli occupation, urging the Saudi Authorities to release Mohamed al-Khudari, one of the Movement’s senior officials.

In press remarks to al-Quds City website, Hamdan affirmed that those who work for Palestine should be honored and not put in jail.

“Over the past 30 years, the Hamas Movement has gone through a lot of pain and abuse that were caused by fellow citizens and friends,” he said.  

“We kept silent not out of weakness and impotence, although we could have raised our voice loudly at every moment. We are keen on retaining the nation’s compass towards the liberation of Palestine and spare it any sedition that will serve no one but our enemy.”

“This is why were silent about the arrest of Dr. al-Khudari and others. The Hamas leadership had made efforts to solve this issue noiselessly, but we have reached a point where we could not remain silent,” the Hamas official elaborated.

Last Monday, the Hamas Movement revealed that the Saudi Authorities arrested, five months ago, Mohamed al-Khudari, who has been living in the country for over 30 years.

Hamas appealed to the Saudi authorities to release him and other Palestinian detainees who are in jails with no guilt

Khudari was in charge of managing the Movement’s relations with Saudi Arabia for two decades and held other important positions, according to a statement released by Hamas.