Days of Palestine

Saturday, February 4

Hamas organizes a national meeting to discuss the deal of the century

Days of Palestine -

Days Of Palestine [ Gaza ] – Hamas Movement conducted on Saturday afternoon a national meeting with the leaders of factions and national forces to address the threats surrounding the Palestinian issue, and to find ways to respond to the Deal of the Century.

The meeting was held at the Commodore Hotel in Gaza City at the invitation of the head of the Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh and was entitled: "United Against the Deal of the Century", with the involvement of broad participation of faction leaders and national forces, and a large national presence.

Haniyeh said that despite the challenges the Palestinian people face,  they  are determined to protect the Palestinian cause, and to challenge the Deal of the Century no matter what the costs and sacrifices may be.

He affirmed Hamas's rejection of the Deal of the Century in its entirety and its total rejection to engage with it in any way, praising at the same time all the positions that reject the ominous deal. 
We reject the Zionist sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem and any attempt to consider the settlement and occupation part of the Zionist entity, he added rebuffing any attempts to disperse the Palestinian geography, and political entity.

Haniyeh also affirmed: “Our motto is that we are united in our approach to drop the Deal of the Century”, adding that anyone who accepts the Deal of the Century isn’t part of the Palestinian people. 

He continued: “We have to agree on a lot of needed actions to confront the challenges that face the Palestinian issue”, calling for consensus on the vision of a national strategy at this stage.

“We are able to reach our national unity if there is the will and the political decision,” Haniyeh added. He also stressed that this meeting carries many implications and clear messages; the first of which is the agreement of all the national forces on the seriousness of this phase.

Consolidate the National Position

The leader of the Islamic Jihad in Palestine, Nafez Azzam, called to unite the internal national position in the face of the Deal Century, stressing that it poses a real threat to the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic world.

He added that all the efforts must be combined, adding that “We agree with Hamas that the confrontation of the Deal of the Century must be carried out with joined Palestinian efforts.

Azzam called on the Arab and Islamic nation to support the Palestinian people in the face of the Deal of the century, adding that it makes no sense at all to support the Palestinians at the same time the Arab countries are rushing to normalize the Israeli occupation.

Azzam also called for the need to end the state of division, and to unite in the face of the Deal Century, pointing out that what is happening in the region refers to attempts to fragment the region and spread chaos.

For her part, the leadership of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Mariam Abu Daqqa, praised Hamas' call for this important national consultative meeting. She stressed that facing the Deal of the Century requires the need to achieve national unity, which is the cornerstone of the mobilization of all forces opposing the deal.

She  emphasized the need  for positive interaction with all efforts that work to topple the Deal of the Century, calling for the need to achieve unity and end the division.