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Sunday, February 5

Malaysian police issue sketches of Israeli suspects shot Palestinian scholar

Days of Palestine -

Two Israeli Mossad agents, who assassinated young Palestinian scholar in Kuala Lumpur Fadi al-Batsh, described on Monday as being of Middle Eastern or European descent, well-built, 1.80 meters tall.

Malaysian police issued facial composites of the two suspects in the shooting of the Palestinian, who contributed by 17 per cent to developing Malaysian electricity sector.

Al-Batsh, 35, was killed in a drive-by shooting on Saturday in the country’s capital, according to Malaysian authorities.

Royal Malaysia Police Inspector-General Tan Sri Mohammed Harun said Sunday the suspects were male, around 1.80 meters tall, well-built, had fair complexions and were believed to be of Middle Eastern or Western descent.

Harun said the composite images were based on eyewitness descriptions.

The suspects had been riding BMW and Kawasaki motorbikes and it was not clear if they were still in the country, he added.

Harun said 14 bullets were recovered from the body of the victim after an autopsy and had been sent for forensic examination.

On his twitter account after the assassination, Bergman wrote: “The Mossad assassinated Fadi Al-Batsh, 35, in Kuala Lumpur, this morning.”