Days of Palestine

Sunday, February 5

Israeli F16 jets carry out series of airstrikes on Gaza

Days of Palestine -

Israeli F16 fighter jets launched on Sunday at dawn series of airstrikes near the industrial zone in the east of the Gaza City, causing much damage in factories’ infrastructure.

Palestinian medical sources reported 29 children and women admitted to hospitals suffering from trauma shocks and panic.

On Saturday evening, the Israeli tanks stationed eastern of the north Gaza city of Jabalia bombarded several farms, but no human casualties were reported.

The Palestinian Islamic Movement Hamas condemned that attacks and blamed the Israeli occupation for any repercussions.

Hamas said that targeting Gaza “is a pre-emptive Israeli attempt to destabilise the enclave and terrorise its residents in order to undermine the Great March or Return and Breaking the Siege.”

It stressed that “this will never be achieved, but instead will be an incentive for our people to insist on their plan, go ahead towards the Green Line, thwart all the occupation plans and regain the stolen rights on top of which the right to return and break the siege.”