Days of Palestine

Friday, January 27

Gaza declared disaster-stricken zone

Days of Palestine -

Managers of charities in Gaza declared on Thursday that the coastal enclave is a disaster-stricken zone due to the international and Israeli-led siege, in place for 11 years.

Representatives of the charities made their declaration during a press conference, stressing that all sides of live in the Gaza Strip “are currently working below the worst capacity.”

Head of the Syndicate of Charities Ahmed al-Kord, former welfare minister, said: “Poverty rate in Gaza is now above 80 per cent.”

Al-Kord added: “At least 65 per cent of the over 2 million Gaza residents are classified as living abject poverty.”

In addition, he said: “The unemployment among youth reached more than 50 per cent.”

He stressed that more than three quarters of Gaza residents are in an urgent need for humanitarian aid, “which is not affordable.”

Reporting MOH numbers, he said that 40 per cent of the Gaza children are suffering malnutrition diseases.

Meanwhile, he said: “Payments for 1,700 orphans in Gaza stopped and cash funds for 50,000 disabled also stopped; however, they are in an urgent need for continuous healthcare.”

Al-Kord also said that 230 medicines for serious illnesses had completely run out in Gaza hospitals. In addition, hundreds of medical equipment need repair or spare parts, which are banned by Israel.

Regarding water, he said that 97 per cent of drinking water in Gaza is undrinkable at the same time more than 150,000 cubic metre of sewage is being poured in the sea every day due to the lack of electricity to run the sewage bumps.

He also pointed out to the deteriorating economic situation in Gaza, noting that more than 80 per cent of the factories in Gaza either shut down partially or completely.