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Wednesday, February 1

Activist insists leading Canadian paper adopts biased reporting in favour of Zionists

Days of Palestine -

Pro-Palestine Canadian activist Shawn Robinson insists that the Canadian newspaper The National Post adopts biased reporting in favour of the Zionist Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Regarding an Israeli murder of a Palestinian worker after claiming he killed three Israeli soldiers, The National Post reported a story with the lead reading: “A Palestinian gunman killed three Israelis and critically wounded a fourth outside a West Bank settlement before he was shot dead.”

However, the situation, according to Robinson, that the three Israelis who were killed were not civilians, stating that one was a soldier and the other two were security guards. She said that all of the three were armed and working with other armed personnel that day.

She said that Nimer Mahmoud Ahmed Jamal, the Palestinian who was killed in the incident, along with one hundred thousand other occupied Palestinians was forced to work on an Israeli settlement as that was the only available employment.

In addition, she said: “Jamal worked every day for settlers who lived on stolen Palestinian land, who facilitate a system that denies his social, legal, civil and political status, who misappropriate natural resources including water from his community and prohibit his freedom of movement.”

Jamal was exploited

Robinson found, according to an official report, that “Jamal was exploited with a wage of 126.6 NIS or $35.97 a day.”

Meanwhile, Jamal, she said, “had to tolerate war criminal Settlers; settlements are war crimes as they are illegal expansions of territory through population transfers from the occupying country.”

She continued: “The personal issue that ‘plagued’ Nimer Mahmoud Ahmed Jamal was that he was systematically harassed and frequently humiliated in front his wife and children, his neighbours and family members.”

The Canadian activist said: “Jamal furthermore lived his entire life under occupation experiencing directly and indirectly illegal detention, torture, imprisonment, abuse, land confiscations, home demolitions, curfews, roadblocks and checkpoints, and an existence without political or legal status.”

She said that The National Post cited: “Since September 2015, Palestinians have killed 51 Israelis, two visiting Americans and a British tourist in stabbings, shootings and car-ramming attacks.”

However, she said, the newspaper did not report 319 Palestinians have been killed by Israel, its various agencies, including Israeli settlers from October 2015 to July 2017 in which more than 65 children have also been killed.

The National Post, she added, did not report that more than 6,200 Palestinians are politically imprisoned including more than 300 Palestinian children.

Palestinian resistance not terror

Regarding the Palestinian resistance, which was described as terror acts in the report, Robinson said the Palestinians have the right to resist their occupiers with force under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Giving an example, she said, the French resistance famously used force to resist their German occupiers during WW2, that until today are lauded for their bravery and heroism.

Then, she asked: “Do you submit that they too were not entitled to defend themselves or resist the German military that oppressed them?”

No celebrations in Gaza

Robinson told the editor of The National Post that there was no celebrations or any ally in Gaza that hailed the killing of the Israelis, citing reports from Gaza.

“No rally was held in Gaza to celebrate the killing. At least, they fear Israeli attacks like what happened in 2014,” Motasem A Dalloul, a journalist from Gaza told her.

She insisted that Jamal fought back against the armed soldiers and security officers who systematically harassed him making his life indefensible. He was killed after the gun he had grabbed from one of the soldiers no longer had ammunition.

Concluding her letter, she said: “This continuum of violence began by the Israeli soldiers and security guards was cowardly inflicted abuse knowing Jamal was prohibited to escape their merciless criminal conduct as well.”

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