Days of Palestine

Sunday, February 5

NGO: 24 female prisoners suffer serious health problems inside Israeli jails

Days of Palestine -

Palestinian Prisoner Club (PPC) revealed on Monday that 24 female Palestinian prisoners are suffering critical health problems inside Israeli jails.

The PPC’s lawyer reported complaints of the sick prisoners who are locked up in the Israeli occupation prison of Al-Damoun.

According to the lawyer, the female prisoners said that they are exposed to harsh Israeli treatment, tortures and many other violations.

In a statement, the lawyer said that the female prisoners also said that the Israeli occupation investigators tortured them to get their confessions.

They reiterated that their indictments included false information which were taken under harsh and inhumane torture.

All the 24 meant 24 prisoners have not been sentenced yet, according to the lawyer, and their trials had been postponed several times.

Complaints of the prisoners were given to the lawyer when she visited three of them who are Ataya abu-Eisha, 30, Sameeha abu-yousef, 39, and Asia Ka’abneh, 39, and mother of nine children.