Days of Palestine

Sunday, February 5

Shooting attack at entrance of illegal settlement leaves Palestinian dead

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces shot dead Palestinian youth on Tuesday morning at entrance of illegal Israeli Jewish settlement of Har Hadar in the occupied West Bank.

Palestinian and Israeli sources said that the Palestinian, who was shot dead is the 37-year-old Nimer Ahmed Jamal from Beit Surik in the occupied West Bank.

Luba al-Samri, spokeswoman of the Israeli aarmy, said that the shooting started while a group of the Arab workers were entering through an Israeli checkpoint at the entrance of the illegal settlement.

She said that after the shootout, it was announced the death of the Palestinian youth along with three Israeli soldiers. A fourth soldier was announced suffering serious wounds.

Jamal became the 56th Palestinian to have been killed by Israelis since the beginning of the year during attacks, alleged attacks, in clashes or during deadly abduction raids. 

Since the beginning of 2017, 16 Israelis have been killed by Palestinians, almost all of whom were uniformed Israeli officers or Israelis living on Israeli settlements in violation of international law.

Palestinians have often cited the daily frustrations and routine Israeli military violence imposed by Israel's nearly half century occupation of the Palestinian territory as main drivers for actual political attacks on Israelis.