Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

Israel arrests 20 Palestinian a day

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces arrest on average 20 Palestinians every day, including elders, women, children and MPs, Palestinian researcher revealed on Tuesday.

The Director of Prisoners’ Centre for Studies Raafat Hamdouna said that the Israeli occupation forces carry out these arrests during night raids of Palestinian homes.

He noted that this number, which was confirmed by several rights groups, shows an increase in the rate of Israeli arrest campaigns carried out across the occupied Palestinian territories.

The rights groups said that over the last three months, 1,800 Palestinians had been arrested.

In addition to the night raids of Palestinian homes, Hamdouna said Israeli occupation forces arrest Palestinians at military checkpoints and sometimes they erect makeshift checkpoints to arrest Palestinians.

He described these Israeli measures as violations of international law and called for international bodies and rights groups to urgently work to stop these violations and file complaints against Israel in international courts.

He called for disclosing the Israeli crimes and violations against freedoms and human rights to refute the claims that Israel is a democratic state.