Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Three more US F-35 fighters to Israel to kill more Palestinians

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation army received on Sunday three F-35 stealth fighter jets to reinforce its ability to kill more Palestinian civilians.
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The three most developed fighter jets in the world will undergo a thorough testing and implementation procedure lasting about a year.

Israel became the first country after the US to receive the American-built jets, which will increase its military abilities.

The main unique capability of the plane is its ability to fly over enemy territory without being identified by radars. Moreover, it is able to carry 16 tons of bombs, missiles and fuel.

Israel is set to receive 50 F-35, with deliveries taking place over the course of the next few years, with the last arriving by the end of the decade.

Occupation state of Israel uses the US-made fighter jets to kill Palestinian civilians. Between 2009 and 2014, Israel launched three major offensives on the Gaza Strip and killed thousands of Palestinian civilians, as well as it destroyed thousands of home and other civilian facilities.