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Thursday, February 9

Israel threatens to launch new offensive on Gaza

Days of Palestine -

Israeli minister threatened on Sunday Israel is to launch new offensive on Gaza in summer when Israeli massive barrier on Gaza borders is completed.

“We need to be ready for a war with Hamas [the Gaza Strip] from the start of the coming summer,” the Israeli Construction Minister Yoav Galant warned.

Galant, a former head of the Southern Command of the Israeli occupation army, which handles Gaza operations, said it was becoming clear that a massive barrier Israel is constructing along its border with Gaza will significantly hamper efforts of the Gaza fighters to defend the coastal enclave.

He also said that after Hamas had controlled the Gaza Strip, “we feel pressured.” Hamas won overwhelming majority of general elections in 2006 and started its full control of the Gaza in 2007.

The barrier is set to include a wall deep below ground as well as a fence above ground. Some parts of the roughly 60-kilometer (40-mile) border will also be flooded.

“When you change something that is seen as being of strategic value to the other side, you need to keep a finger on the trigger and an eye on the binoculars, ready for action,” Galant said.

Galant considered reaching a state of peace comes after a destructive war. “If you want peace then prepare for war,” he cited an ancient Roman proverb.

It is worth mentioning that Israel is a nuclear power with more than 200 rickets with nuclear warheads, while the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, mainly Hamas, only have homemade rockets with one kilogram of primary explosives and most of them fell short before crossing the borders with Israel.

Palestinians have no defence, but the Israeli occupation owns facilities worth billions of US dollars which are able to intercept a very small sparrow when it is entering into the Israeli aerospace.