Days of Palestine

Three Israeli collaborators executed in Gaza

Days of Palestine -

Palestinian interior ministry in Gaza announced on Thursday it executed thee Palestinians for collaborating with Israeli occupation.

A statement released by the ministry said: “Based on the teachings of our religion and the terms of Palestinian law, as well as to make justice prevail, achieve victory for the country and maintain social order, the interior ministry executed three agents of the Israeli occupation.
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The statement did not mention more details about the three people who were executed and only used initials for their names.

In Gaza, Hamas government tends to keep the identities of executed collaborators secret in order to help their families avoid the consequences of social stigma.

On Wednesday, the interior ministry announced that its investigations into the assassination of Mazen Fuqaha, the leader of Hamas’ military wing the Qassam Brigades last month revealed that a “major role” had been played by collaborators.

Early last week, the interior ministry launched a security operation targeting suspected collaborators. It also called for the collaborators to “repent” and to turn themselves in, promising them amnesty and also further assistance in the form of remaining unknown to the public, rehabilitating them and reintegrating them into society.

On 24 March, a group of unknown assailants opened fire on Fuqaha with silenced weapons while he was parking his car, killing him at the scene. They fled the scene immediately, triggering the interior ministry to start immediate investigations into the incident.