Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Israeli soldier died in car accident in West Bank

Days of Palestine -

Palestinian car collided on Thursday morning near illegal Israeli settlement of Ofra in the occupied West Bank, caused death of an Israeli soldier, wounded another.

Palestinian sources identified the car driver as Malek Ahmad Mousa Hamed, 21, from the town of Silwad in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

The car accidently collided near a bus stop for the Israeli soldiers at the Ofra Junction on Route 60, north of the occupied Palestinian city of Ramallah.

Israeli medical services Magen David Adom said that two Israeli soldiers were hit, noting one died and the other was lightly wounded.

After the car accident, the Israeli occupation forces opened fire at the driver, who flew in the air and landed among tree behind the bus stop.

The Palestinian driver was lightly wounded, Israeli medical sources said, and he was kidnapped and transferred to an unknown place.
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Israeli media reported Israeli army officials saying that it was a car attack attempted to kill as many Israeli soldiers as possible.

Days of Palestine could reach any of the eyewitnesses to get a first-person account for the incident, but Israeli officials and Israeli media always give and report false narratives about such incidents.

Just two months ago, the Israeli occupation forces opened fire at a Palestinian teacher in Um al-Hairan Village, wounded him in his knee, he lost control of his car, it collided and hit an Israeli policeman and killed him.

Israeli police claimed he was shot dead after he ran over the Israeli policeman and the Israeli media reported only this narrative.

However, later on, a CCT video for the incident discredited the Israeli narrative and proved that the Palestinian was shot before losing control of his car and killing the Israeli policeman.