Days of Palestine

Tuesday, June 6

Israel kidnaps 18 Palestinians over joining WhatsApp

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces have kidnapped 18 Palestinians from West Bank, Jerusalem for being members of WhatsApp group.

Israeli police Spokeswoman Luba al-Samri said that the kidnapped Palestinians were all members of a group called “Road to heaven” on the messaging application.

She said that these Palestinians used this group to share religious messages, noting that the Palestinian martyr Ibrahim Mattar, who was murdered by the Israeli forces last Monday, was a member of the same group.

Al-Samri hinted, in her statement, that Mattar, whom Israel claimed he attempted to stab Israelis before murdering him, was influenced by this WhatsApp group.

Matar’s family has insisted that the 25-year-old blacksmith was “executed in cold blood” and did not attempt to carry out an attack at the time of his murder.

Since October 2015, which marks the start of the ongoing intifada, the Israeli occupation has murdered some 260 Palestinians.
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Rights groups, including Palestinians and Israelis, have denounced the Israeli policy regarding dealing with the Palestinian protesters since then.

The rights groups revealed that the Israeli soldiers had been ordered to use follow the Israeli policy “shoot-to-kill” when they deal with the Palestinian protesters.