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Thursday, February 9

Israeli court sentences Palestinian boy with leukaemia

Days of Palestine -

An Israeli military court has sentenced 15-year-old Palestinian boy with leukaemia to three months in prison and fine of NIS3,000 ($810).

The Palestinian Prisoner Club (PPC) identified the boy as Ahmed Lekhdour, 15, and said that he was sentenced by the Ofer military court.

Lekhdour’s family along with rights groups exerted much efforts to cancel the prison sentence due to the boy’s illness, but the Israeli military court insisted on sending him to prison.

His family’s doctor said that the boy suffers from several chronic diseases, including leukaemia and epilepsy and said he needs frequent medication.

According to the PPC’s lawyer, the Israeli military judge gave Lekhdour a period of one year to pay the fine, which his family said it may not be able to meet this deadline due to the father’s sickness.

The boy, from the town of Beituniya in the central occupied West Bank, has been suffering from leukaemia for the past three years and also suffers from epilepsy, seizures, foot and hand injuries, intense dizziness and muscle contractions in his fingers.

He was detained on January 2 after he was accused of throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers near the Ofer military checkpoint west of Ramallah in the central occupied West Bank.