Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

Israeli forces murder Palestinian boy in Jerusalem

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces murdered on Friday evening 15-year-old Palestinian boy in near illegal Israeli checkpoint of Shufat.

Eyewitnesses said that the Israeli occupation forces shot the Palestinian boy, who wanted to pass through the checkpoint walking on foot.

“The boy was shot and fell on the ground at a very far distance from the Israeli occupation guards at the checkpoint,” Ali Rasim, an eyewitness told Days of Palestine.

A spokesman of the Israeli occupation forces claimed that the boy wanted to stab an Israeli soldier at the checkpoint, but he was “neutralised.”

Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance rushed to the scene to evacuate the boy, but it was prevented to approach him by the Israeli occupation forces.

“He remained bleeding to death,” a nurse from the Palestinian Red Crescent told Days of Palestine. The nurse reiterated that life of the boy could be saved should he was taken to hospital alive.

The Palestinian health ministry identified the boy as Mohamed Nabil Zeidan, 15.