Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

Two Palestinians killed in Russian strike in Syria

Days of Palestine -

Two Palestinian refugees had been killed in Russian airstrikes that targeted Khan al-Sheikh Refugee Camp in the war-torn Syria.

A statement released on Tuesday Jafra Foundation, a relief organisation operating in Palestinian refugee camps across Syria, said that two volunteers of Jafra services team were killed in the Russian airstrike in the aforementioned refugee camp.

The statement identified the two Palestinian refugees as Mohamed abu-Sittah, 32, and Abdullah Issa, 22. The statement said that they were killed when Russian warplanes dropped cluster munitions on the refugee camp.

In the same airstrike, the statement said, two other Palestinian refugees were injured, one of them sustained moderate wounds.

Jafra services team provides relief and assistance to 12,000 Palestinian refugees and around 800 internally displaced Syrian families seeking shelter inside the camp.

“Monday’s deadly attacks were preceded by a full week of heavy bombardment on the Camp, with 50 plus barrel bombs raining down in and around the outskirts of Khan al-Sheikh between Tuesday and Sunday evening,” the statement said.