Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 1

Palestinian hunger strikers are dying inside Israeli jails

Days of Palestine -

Three Palestinian hunger strikers inside Israeli jails are almost facing inventible death after being neglected by Israeli occupation authorities.

Brothers Mahmoud and Mohamed Balboul, who began their hunger strikes on July 4 and 7 respectively, had been entered into intensive care unit in Israeli hospitals.

Mohamed is currently suffering from temporary blindness. His health condition worsened after hospital management and Israeli government officials attempted to force feed him.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud could become paralysed if he does not take vitamins. However, he has been refusing steadfastly to take supplements and has insisted on continuing his strike and only consuming water.

His mother, Sanaa Balboul, said that a lawyer had informed her that Mahmoud now weighs just 40 kilogrammes, and has difficulty staying conscious.
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Both Mahmoud and Mohamed are on hunger strike, protesting being put under administrative detention inside the Israeli occupation prisons.

The brothers were detained on June 9 and sentenced to administrative detention shortly before their younger sister Nuran, 16, was released after spending four months in Israeli prison.

At the same time, the 20-year-old Malik al-Qadi has been on a hunger strike since July 11, after being kidnapped on May 23.

Al-Qadi had previously spent four months in Israeli prisons as he was kidnapped from his home in December 2015.

He is a journalism and media student at the al-Quds University in Abu Dis and is expected to be put under administrative detention due to his activities on social media.