Days of Palestine

Saturday, February 4

Hamas denies it seizes funds of int’l organisations

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip -Palestinian Islamic Movement Hamas denied on Sunday that it seizes funds of international organisations in the Gaza Strip.

In a press release, Hamas said: “[Israeli PM Benjamin] Netanyahu’s claims that Hamas had seized the funds of some of international organisations are baseless lies.”

Hamas said that Netanyahu wants to “mislead the international public opinion, put pressure on the international humanitarian organisations working in Gaza and justify the criminal siege imposed on it.”

Meanwhile, Hamas insisted, Netanyahu’s speech about welfare of Palestinians is “ridiculous” as the whole world would not forget that he had “erased entire families out of the map, killed hundreds of women and children and destroyed thousands of houses only in 2014 offensive on Gaza.”

Therefore, the Palestinian movement said, Netanyahu “will remain an icon of terror and criminality while he will not succeed to change his bloody image throughout his lies.”

Before Hamas, the meant international organisations, including the World Vision and the UNDP had denied the Israeli claims that Hamas seized their money.