Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

Israeli forces kidnap at least 30 Palestinians

Days of Palestine -

Jerusalem/ West Bank -Israeli occupation forces kidnapped on Friday at least 30 Palestinians in occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Our reporter said that the Israeli occupation banned 15 Palestinian youths from Jerusalem’s Old City from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque and then the youths were led to an unknown place.

Palestinians sources said that the 15 Palestinian youths were led to an investigation centre in the occupied holy city for questioning over their daily presence at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli occupation forces question the Palestinians, who have the right to pray five times a day in their third holiest place on earth, when they enter Al-Aqsa Mosque one time every day.

However, they arrange and protect extremist Israeli settlers, who storm Al-Aqsa Mosque every day and harass the Palestinians inside the holy site.

Meanwhile, families of at least Palestinians reported to the Palestinian Prisoner Club that the Israeli occupation forces stormed their houses tonight and kidnapped them.

This is part of the daily Israeli aggression against the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Israeli occupation’s reply on questions about the kidnapped Palestinians is that it is investigating such reports or they were kidnapped over their “terrorist” activities.