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Monday, February 6

Night shifts for Gaza worker due to Israeli siege

Days of Palestine -

MEMO -Instead of having a break during holy month of Ramadan, Gaza workers insist to work due to the accumulated economic pressure resulted by the Israeli siege.

As the construction work is very hard at day and needs much body strength than other professions, workers in this sector work at night as they are not fasting.

“Because of the accumulated economic pressure we have, we must work at night,” Salim Abdullah Wadi, a construction worker in Gaza neighbourhood of Al-Zaytoun told MEMO. He noted to the ten-year-old Israeli siege, during which they did not work at most more than two years.

“For me, I had several loans and I must work hard to pay,” he said, “this is a chance to earn some money and pay for my family and for the donors.”

Wadi hoped that he had a rest during this month, but stated that the burdens of hard life in Gaza make it necessary for him not to lose any work opportunity.