Days of Palestine

Israel obliges Palestinians to raise its flag on Nakba Day

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Israeli Culture, Sport Minister Miri Regev to oblige all culture and sport centres in Israel, including Arabic institutes to raise Israeli flag on Nakba Day.

Israeli news website YnetNews reported informed sources saying that “personal judgment should not factor in here [raising the Israeli flag].”

Regev has instructed the ministry’s Director General Yossi Sharabi, YnetNews reported, to prepare the initiative, which includes all places built by the state. The initiative is to be discussed by the Knesset in the upcoming meeting.
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According to the Israeli news website, if Regev’s proposal was approved, it would impose raising the flag at sensitive locations such as the Arabic-speaking Al-Midan Theater in Haifa and the Doha Stadium in Sakhnin, whose population is predominantly Arabs.

Returning back to her first day when she took office, YenetNews said that Regev promised to promote the Israeli flag’s prominence through legislation and regulations.

It added: over the last few days, the Ministry has conducted a legal assessment of the issue, and is due to put forth a proposal that is expected to pass without legal difficulties during the Knesset’s summer session, which will begin later in May.