Days of Palestine

Thursday, February 9

Israeli settlers occupy Palestinian house in Jerusalem

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Extremist Israeli settlers occupied on Monday morning large Palestinian house in Al-Sadiyeh neighbourhood of East Jerusalem.

Around 40 extremist Israeli Jewish settlers arrived and stormed the Palestinian building and upon their entrance, they performed Jewish prayers in the courtyard.

The three-story building, which is owned by Al-Yozbeshi family, has a wide courtyard and a view over Al-Aqsa Mosque.

It is not clear why the Israeli Jewish squatters occupied the Palestinian house, but what is clear is that the settlers seized the opportunity that the Palestinian residents were not there and they broke into it.

Last week, a Palestinian family regained access to their house in East Jerusalem, ending a lengthy legal battle which began when an organisation of Israeli settlers took over their home and the homes of 22 other families a year and a half earlier.

Palestinians charge that the forceful eviction of Palestinian families in eastern part of occupied Jerusalem is part of a larger strategy to “Judaise” the city and deny Palestinians the right to live in the holy city.