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Thursday, February 2

Three Gazan children burnt to death

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip -Three Gazan children were burnt to death on Friday night after their home caught candle fire used to light for them due to electricity blackout.

Palestinian medical sources identified the three children as Yusra abu-Hindi, 3, Rahaf abu-Hindi, 2, and infant Naser abu-Hindi, two-month-old.

The sources said that all the three arrived fully burnt to Al-Shifa Hospital in central Gaza Strip. Their parents and other family members suffered light burns and suffocations.

Speaking to the press, several Palestinian officials blamed the Israeli occupation for the burning, noting that this happened due to the sever electricity shortage resulted by the strict Israeli siege.

Gaza has been under strict Israeli siege for ten years and the Israeli occupation prevents entrance of many basic life needs including construction material, cooking gas, fuel and electricity supplies.

The Palestinian Authority also blamed for the crime due to high tax rate collected from the Gazans for the fuel going to the sole electricity plant in the coastal enclave.

In addition, the Palestinian Authority has several times rejected Turkish plans to solve the problem of electricity shortage in Gaza.