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Sunday, January 29

American student harassed over pro-Palestine activism

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Indian –An American female student at Indian University (IUPUI) student has reported harassment and accusation of being a terrorist over her pro-Palestine activism.

The female student, who gave her first name –Haneen– to, is a member of a Palestinian student group says she is being repeatedly harassed and falsely accused of supporting terrorism.

Haneen and other SJP members gathered on campus for a conference Sunday and found posters accusing Haneen of supporting terrorism.

Group members said they also found anonymous blog posts with similar accusations. Haneen said she has been receiving harassing phone calls this week.

“We are not terrorists. We stand against terrorism. We stand against oppressors,” SJP board member Hassan Jamal said.

Chancellor Nasser Paydar released a statement Thursday saying in part, “the University abhors all forms of racism, bigotry and discrimination.” He did not mention any specific incidents.

“When any one of our students are affected, we are all affected,” IUPUI spokesperson Maggie Smith-Simmons said Friday.

Smith-Simmons said school leaders worked with police to successfully remove a video and one of the blog posts about Haneen.

“We’re doing everything we can to help Haneen and it as a difficult situation for her,” Smith-Simmons said.

Jamal said he and Haneen’s other friends have been escorting her to class because of her safety concerns.