Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Israeli occupation abuses Palestinian kids, HRW says

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Israeli occupation had threatened and intimidated Palestinian children illegally held inside Israeli jails, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Monday.

HRW said in a statement that Israeli treatment of Palestinian minors, including being interrogated without a parent present, violated international laws.

Describing how terrible the Israeli abuses are, Sari Bashi, HRW’s Israel and Palestine director, said the experiences “would terrify and traumatise an adult.”

He also said that even though there was concern over increasing numbers of children allegedly involved in attacks against Israelis, noting that arrested children should be treated with “the humanity and dignity that all children deserve.”

In six cases documented by the group, there were examples of children being interviewed without their parents present and being hit by officers having to sit outside in the cold in the early morning.

As usual, Israeli spokespeople said that the HRW’s report was “inaccurate,” according to the Israeli news websites.

There are more than 450 Palestinian children in Israeli prisons, according to Military Court Watch, with more than half of them arrested since the start of the current intifada in October that has killed 209 Palestinians, including 46 children.
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