Days of Palestine

Thursday, February 9

Israeli forces open fire at Gaza farmers, fishermen

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip –Israeli occupation forces opened fire on Saturday morning at Palestinian farmers, fishermen in Gaza Strip, causing much material damage.

Sources said that the Israeli occupation force stationed at two different points in the southeast and northeast of the Gaza Strip opened fire at the farmers and shepherds.

“While we were working in our farm after the cold and rain spill, we came under heavy Israeli fire that caused much damage to the already damaged crops,” Omar Selmi told Days of Palestine.

He continued: “Immediately, we fled and, thanks to Allah, none of us was wounded.”

Palestinian agriculture ministry estimated losses of Palestinian farmers in Gaza due to the latest rainstorm with more than a million USD.

Meanwhile, the Israeli naval forces opened fire at the fishermen off the Gaza coasts, pushing them to stop fishing and leave the sea.

“We did not enter the sea for more than a week due to the rainstorm because the sea waves were very high and fishing was dangerous,” Hussein Baker, fishermen told Days of Palestine.

Two days ago, the Israeli navy arrested four fishermen while trying to explore the sea after the rainstorm.

They were dreaming of an abundant season of fishing after the mandatory break, but the Israeli occupation spoiled their dreams and made four more Gaza families with no source of income.