Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

Israeli occupation to arrest Palestinians over Facebook posts

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Israeli occupation authorities to arrest Palestinians over Facebook posts considered anti-Israeli occupation state.

For a long time, the Israeli authorities have been monitoring Palestinian social media and following up what does Palestinian post.

In addition, the Israeli occupation authorities steal all of the Palestinian private information throughout these platforms.

Last week, Israeli forces arrested the Palestinian activist Mahmoud Asila from the Old City of Jerusalem after publishing a picture on his Facebook wall.

Asila was accused by the Israeli occupation forces of supporting Palestinian attacks against Israeli soldiers and settlers.

Israeli occupation considers such posts kind of incitement crimes, which encourage Palestinians to attack more Israelis.

Doing this against Palestinians, the Israeli occupation violates international law and the four Geneva conventions, which state that no government has the right to arrest people for their ideas or for what they publish on their pages.

“The Israeli occupation does not respect any international law,” Hani Manasrah told Days of Palestine. “It is preventing freedom of speech in order keep only its news reaching people.

Meanwhile, Israelis, including senior officials frankly call for murdering Palestinians and committing genocides against them.

Facebook has always blocked Palestinian and pro-Palestinian accounts and pages, but Israeli racism is acceptable to it.