Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 1

Occupation kills 2 Palestinians, including elderly

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation killed on Saturday two Palestinian citizens, including an elderly man in the occupied Palestinian West Bank.

Witnesses said that the Israeli occupation soldiers opened shot dead an elderly Palestinian man at an Israeli military checkpoint near Nablus.

The Israeli army spokesperson claimed the elderly rammed his car into the Israeli soldiers in the checkpoint, but the eyewitnesses denied this, stressing he was shot while he was far from the checkpoint.

According to Palestinian medical sources, the elderly was identified as Maher al-Jabi, 56. “He was first injured and then left bleeding to death,” the medical sources said.

Earlier in the morning, the Israeli occupation forces also shot dead a Palestinian named Mos’ab al-Ghazali, 26, from the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan.

It was clear from the Hollywoodnarrative of the Israeli Army Spokeswoman Lubna al-Samri that the Palestinian was liquidated with a cold blood.

In a statement, she said that a 26-year-old Palestinian man was seen sitting in a park in the Old City of Jerusalem when he followed a Jewish couple towards Allenby Square.
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The man’s movement, she continued, “aroused suspicion” from Israeli police officers who approached him riding their horses.

A “hand fight” then broke out between the Palestinian and an officer, she claimed, and then the man pulled a knife on the officer, who shot him down.

Conformed accounts proved that the man had been sitting on a bench when mounted Israeli officers arrived, asked him to stand, and opened fire when he raised his hands in the air.