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Monday, February 6

Watch: Israeli interrogators abuse Palestinian boy

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MEMO –A 13-year-old Palestinian boy, who was shot by Israeli police last month, was put under harsh interrogation methods by Israeli security officials, a leaked video has revealed.

Ahmed Manasrah was arrested by Israeli police on 12 October and accused of chasing and trying to stab an Israeli near the illegal settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev, north of occupied Jerusalem.

In the video, Manasrah can be seen crying, hitting his head and scared by the intimidating techniques used by the Israeli officials.

The interrogators force him to accept the charges levied at him: killing Jews and helping “the enemy” during times of war.

They showed Manasrah a CCTV video of a boy and told him that it is footage of him and that he was chasing Jews with a knife.

The teen denies the claims adding the boys were behind him, however, the officials scream at him, yelling “liar”, “confess” and try to force him to accept their narrative.

Manasrah then asks the interrogator to show him the actual footage of him stabbing a Jew, but the official refuses.

Throughout the interrogation process, Manasrah does not have a lawyer present and when asked whether he spoke to his lawyer he answers: “He asked me to wait for him 20 or 10 minutes.”

This is met with aggression from his interrogator who replies: “I decide how this goes, I know the law.”

On numerous occasions Manasrah asks his interrogators to take him to a doctor, adding that he was badly beaten on the back of his head and remembers nothing, but the three insist he accept the charges against him.

Israeli attack

On 12 October, Manasrah was shot with his cousin, Hassan, 15, who died from his injuries. A video of Manasrah bleeding on the ground while Israelis verbally insulted him screaming: “Die you son of a whore”, went viral online.

Manasrah was later taken to hospital and received treatment while he was tied to his bed.

The backlash following the leaking of the video of Manasrah lying on the floor bleeding, lead the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office to send officials to visit him in hospital and speak to his father.

They released a video, filmed using a hidden camera, which showed someone feeding the young teen, and adding that he was being treated in an Israeli hospital in spite of the fact he had tried to kill Israelis.

Manasrah’s father denied claims that he had been well treated in hospital and said the video showed him feeding his son.