Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 8

Israeli settlers take over new house in Silwan

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Israeli Jewish settlers took over on Thursday morning new Palestinian house in Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan.

The house is exactly located in Batn Al-Hawa area of Silwan neighbourhood. The settlers claimed that the house was sold to the far-right Jewish organisation Ateret Cohanim.

Wadi Al-Hilwah Information Centre said in a statement that more than 60 settlers stormed Batn Al-Hawa central Silwan at 2:30am and took over the house owned by Jamal Sarhan.

Israeli occupation troops escorted the settlers, who brought their belongings with them as they moved into in the house.

The settlers then barred the windows and then they raised the Israeli flag on the rooftop of the Palestinian house.

According to Wadi Al-Hilwah statement, the house consists of five floors with 12 apartments. The settlers took control of four floors.
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One Palestinian Jerusalemite tenant refused to evacuate his apartment, and as a result the settlers failed to take over one of the five floors.

Earlier this month a lawyer representing Ateret Cohanim issued evacuation notices for three Palestinian buildings owned by the Sarhan family in Batn Al-Hawa, claiming that the land on which the homes are built belong to three Jewish men from Yemen, who lived there before 1948.

The five-story house is now the seventh and biggest settler outpost in Batn al-Hawa. The first one was created in 2005 and is known as Beit Yonatan.

Attempts to take over the properties are part of a bigger plan by Ateret Cohanim to seize 5,200 square meters (56,000 square feet) in the central quarter of Batn al-Hawa, Wadi Al-Hilwah Centre said.

A few days before the evacuation notices for the three buildings were issued, another Palestinian family received an evacuation notice from the same organisation