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Sunday, January 29

New US weapon package to ‘Israel’

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Reports –The United States has considered providing an extensive military package to Israeli occupation in the wake of the Iranian nuclear accord.

Informed sources in Washington indicated they will provide the Israeli occupation with advanced weaponry and technology. This came just days after forging a nuclear deal with Iran.

In a Saturday phone call with former Israeli President Shimon Peres, National Security Adviser Susan Rice explained that the US was ready to offer a military compensation package that was “unprecedented” in its scope.

The package reportedly will include “sophisticated weaponry” that the Israeli occupation does not yet possess, as well as “cutting-edge technology.”

Peres, for his part, was said to have expressed dissatisfaction with the limited purview of the inspections regime that, under the deal, could provide Iran with 24-day-notice before probing suspect sites.

Rice responded that the US has the capability, covert and otherwise, to detect an early Iranian violation of the deal.

On Thursday, US diplomat Wendy Sherman said that the US Administration has offered to discuss upgrading its defence assistance to the Israeli occupation in wake of the deal. “The [Israeli] prime minister was not ready to have that discussion yet,” Sherman said.