Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 1

Israeli official calls to revoke IDs of Arab MKs

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –During a Knesset meeting on Wednesday, Israeli MK Yaron Mazuz called for the Arab MKs to “return” their Israeli IDs.

After rejecting a bill that would allow Palestinians married to Israelis become citizens, Mazuz, who holds Israeli deputy interior ministry position, said: “We are doing you [Arab MKs] a favour by letting you sit here [in the Knesset]. You should give back your [Israeli] IDs.”

Then, Israeli Jerusalem Post said, Mazuz turned to Arab MK Haneen Zoabi from the Joint List and told her she should be the first to have her citizenship revoked. “Terrorists [Arabs] will not sit here,” he told her.

After a tirade of racist accusations for the Arabs by the Mazuz, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood up and said: “No one has the right to make false accusations that Israeli soldiers committed war crimes.”

He also accused MK Basel Ghattas from the Joint List of hypocrisy for ignoring atrocities in Syria and Yemen, while he boards the Gaza bound Freedom Flotilla III.

At this point, Arab MK Aida Touma-Sliman heckled Netanyahu, saying that anyone thought Netanyahu would condemn Mazuz’s statements was mistaken. “The prime minister is justifying incitement against us,” she said, “shame on him.
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She added: “I am a native of this land. My father was born here before the establishment of the state. No one is doing me a favour by giving me an ID card.”