Days of Palestine

Thursday, June 1

Israeli court orders demolition of 8 Palestinian houses

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –An Israeli magistrate court ordered on Sunday the demolition of eight Palestinian houses in Jerusalem.
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The court decided that these houses, located in Samiramis Neighbourhood in East Jerusalem, to be evacuated and demolished, arguing they are not owned by the Palestinian residents.

Sources said that the court had ruled that the properties have been owned by Jewish Israelis since 1971. Therefore, the residents must evacuate and demolish their houses themselves by the 1st of August.

The court also imposed a fine of NIS 49,000 ($12,667) on the owners. The buildings consist of 23 apartments, housing 107 people.

One of the residents, Akram Abu Shalbak, said that a hearing was held on Friday, but the verdict was announced Sunday.

In 2004, the Palestinian owners constructed eight residential apartment buildings and in 2010 a group of Israeli settlers claimed they had owned the land since 1971, producing documents to prove their ownership.

The settlers received support from Arieh King, head of the ‘Israel Land Fund,’ a group which works to settle Jews in Palestinian neighbourhoods.

It has been common for decades that when the Israeli settlers plan to build new settlement units, they provide false documents to prove ownership of the Palestinian lands planned for confiscation.