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Friday, January 27

UN: situation in Yarmouk ‘source of universal shame’

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Days of Palestine, London –The UN has said it is extremely concerned about the safety and protection of Syrians, Palestinians in the Yarmouk camp.

About 17,000 civilians, most of them Palestinian refugees, are trapped in the refugee camp have long suffered a government siege that led to starvation and disease.

On Wednesday, ISIS, Al-Nusra Front and Assad regime forces started a ground and air invasion of the camp. They killed and kidnapped tens of civilians there.

On Saturday, the joint aggressive forces completed their control over 90 percent of the refugee camp, which hosted more than 150,000 civilians before the hostilities started in Syria. “The situation in Yarmouk is an affront to the humanity of all of us, a source of universal shame,” UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) spokesman Chris Gunness said. 

“Yarmouk is a test, a challenge for the international community. We must not fail. The credibility of the international system itself is at stake,” he said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the conflict from Britain, said Syrian air force jet bombed the camp on Saturday.

It said Islamic State and Al-Nusra made gains overnight, pushing into the northeast of the district, close to central Damascus. They now control 90 percent of the camp, it said.

Gunness called for the international community to save the refugee camp, which is protected under international law.