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Thursday, February 2

Palestinian security assaults ex-prisoner, his wife

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Palestinian security services assaulted on Friday ex-Palestinian prisoner and his wife in West Bank city of Ramallah.

The assault caused light injuries in the face of Mo’ayad al-Teet and several parts of his body, while the wife, Maysoon al-Shobaki, received several punches in the chest and the back.

Sheikh Mahmoud al-Shobaki, Maysoon’s father, said that the Protective Security Apparatus assaulted the couple and shocked them with electricity-stunts after stopping their car as pulling them out of it.

A Palestinian ambulance transferred them to Al-Ahli Hospital in Al-Khalil and medical sources described their health conditions as stable.

Commenting on the assault, the Sheikh, who said that his daughter is pregnant in the seventh month, said that the assault on his daughter and his brother-in-law was “barbaric” and the predators are “criminals.”

Al-Teet and his wife, who is an English language teacher
Al-Teet and his wife, who is an English language teacher

“They do not respect the people,” he said. “I did not expect to assault my daughter as it was very clear she was pregnant.”

The sheikh said that he knew about the incident when he left his home to see what is going on outside after he had heard people screaming.

“When I saw them, I recognised that she was my daughter and her husband,” he said, “I immediately rushed towards them attempted to save them.”

Al-Shobaki called for an investigation into the incident and prosecution of the assailants.

Al-Teet was arrested two times by the Israeli occupation and spent two years over his support for Hamas. He holds MBA certificate as well as he is a midfielder in Beit Amer football team.