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Saturday, June 10

Israeli police shot Palestinian lost control of his car

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Israeli police hot on Wednesday a Palestinian lost control of his car near a rail station in East Jerusalem.

The Palestinian youths Abdul-Rahman al-Shalludi, 20, was driving near the Ammunition Hill Station when he lost control of his car and hit commuters waiting for the train.

Israeli authorities and Israeli media said that the incident was a ‘terror attack’ carried out intentionally by the Palestinian, who they said has a security record.

An Israeli child and eight others were wounded. All were rushed to Israeli hospitals for treatment. The child was announced dead.

Witnesses told Days of Palestine that the Palestinian man was driving normally before he lost contrive of his car. “There were no signs for a terror attack,” an eye witness said.

He went on: “The car collided about 30 metres far from the station. If the driver planned to attack the commuters, he would have turned to their side from a closer point.”

Other witnesses were reported by different mass media; however, the Israeli media and the Israeli officials insisted that it was a ‘terror attack.’

He was dumb regarding the incident when an Israeli settler ran over two Palestinian little girls on Monday in Al-Khalil. However, he had two tongues to speak about today’s incident.

Israeli Ynet News said that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in wake of the accident.

“This is how Abu-Mazen’s [Abbas] partners in government work,” he said, referring to the Palestinian unity government comprising Hamas and Fatah that the Israeli occupation has consistently opposed.

Considering him a terrorist, the Israeli police immediately shot the Palestinian driver as soon as he left his car, which was stuck to the side of the road.

Watch the pictures here to know who is the real children killer.
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All of these children where targeted by Israeli-American rockets.