Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 10

Netanyahu cheated his cabinet regarding truce deal

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Occupied Palestine –Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has not yet disclosed the terms of the ceasefire deal that ended Israeli savage war on Gaza on Tuesday.
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According to Israeli media outlets, the terms of the deal are still undisclosed and all what the Israelis know about it from mass media.

Unlike Palestinians, the Israeli PM or any other Israeli official, did not hold any press conference or issue a statement announcing the end of the war. Israelis knew about it just through mass media, which reported remarks, statements and conferences of Palestinian officials.

Netanyahu did not even discuss the deal with his reduced cabinet. He only updated them by telephone and this infuriated several of his ministers.

Former Israeli intelligence chief Yuval Diskin said that the Israeli government “must disclose the details of the truce it reached yesterday with the Gaza Strip.”

Posting on his official Facebook page, Diskin wrote that “with 70 Israelis and over 2,100 Palestinians killed, over 50 days of fighting and without the security cabinet discussing the agreement and approving it.”

He continued: “The Israeli public has a right to receive an explanation about the details of the agreement or understandings.”

He added: “It is the duty of the political echelon to provide such an explanation.”