Days of Palestine

Tuesday, January 31

Main terms of Gaza ceasefire deal

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank –After 51 days of massive Israeli war on the Gaza Strip faced with Palestinian resistance, the Israeli occupation was obliged to accept an Egyptian ceasefire deal based on terms adopted by the Palestinian resistance.

Head of the Palestinian delegation for indirect ceasefire talks Azzam al-Ahmad explained the terms of the deal agreed between both sides:

Border crossings

The agreement provides for an immediate easing of restrictions on the two main crossings between the Israeli occupation and the Gaza Strip to allow in aid and reconstruction materials.

The move would facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid and food, as well as medical supplies and materials to repair key infrastructure including the water network, the electricity grid and mobile phone networks.

Fishing limits

Restrictions imposed on Gaza fishermen are to be relaxed, with an immediate extension of the fishing zone to six nautical miles from the shore, to be extended later to 12 miles.

Blockade and demilitarization

The deal stipulates immediate end of Israeli eight-year-old blockade on Gaza, which was imposed in 2006 and tightened later on before the eyes of the international community.

Gaza airport and seaport

A key Hamas demand for the reopening of Gaza’s airport and its seaport will be discussed in negotiations, which will take place in Cairo within the next month.


The Egyptian proposal foresees discussion of a number of as yet unresolved issues, including a future prisoner swap deal.

Such an arrangement would involve the release of Palestinian prisoners held by the Israeli occupation in exchange for Palestinians handing over the remains of two Israeli soldiers believed by the Israeli occupation killed in the fighting.

Hamas wants hundreds of prisoners released, among them those arrested in a major Israeli arrest campaign in the West Bank in June and around 60, who were released in the 2011 prisoner swap deal then re-arrested.