Days of Palestine

Wednesday, June 7

Palestinian fighters kill 18 agents aiding occupation

Days of Palestine -

By: Motasem A Dalloul

Days of Palestine, Gaza –Palestinian fighters killed on Friday 18 agents in the Gaza City for aiding the Israeli occupation.

In a statement, the Palestinian interior ministry in the Gaza Strip carried out the executions after it had concluded all legal procedures taken by a revolutionary court.

The agents were accused of collaborating with the Israeli occupation through contacting Israeli intelligence services and giving them information about the movements of fighters and their fighting plans.

“They are tyrants,” a masked security officer said after the execution of the last seven had taken place before midday.

“All the collaborators confessed they took part in the death of any Palestinian, and there was clear-cut evidence on his confession, he was executed,” the masked man said.

During the previous years, the interior ministry in the Gaza Strip called upon collaborators to hand themselves over and the ministry would give them the chance to repent and conceal their identities.

Large numbers of them surrendered and gave much detail about how the Israeli intelligence recruit and deal with collaborators. Veteran collaborators, served for more than 30 years, surrendered.
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