Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 10

Israeli minister calls for new massacres in Gaza

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine –Israeli Housing Minister Uri Ariel has just called for another ground incursion into the Gaza Strip to carry out new massacres against civilians.

“The actions until now did not bring quiet,” he said, “it is clear there is no choice but a ground offensive.” he told Israeli TV Channel 2.

“It should be done soon, strongly, and quickly,” he added.
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“We need to remove the rocket threat once and for all.”

A Palestinian analyst said that Ariel words bear between lines a clear call for massacre. “They said the previous ground incursion meant for removing the rockets, but all they did was massacring civilians in Sheja’ia, Khuza’a and Rafah,” he said

Regarding the Israeli failure attempt to target Hamas military mastermind, he said: “I hope the reports that Muhammad Deif is no longer alive, are true.”