Days of Palestine

Tuesday, January 31

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Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza –Israeli occupation violated on Tuesday evening the 24-hour truce and resumed its attacks against civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Until today before the breakdown of the truce, the Israeli occupation killed 2,016 and wounded 10,193 others. Most of them are civilians, including women, children and elderly.

Minute by minute update:


Israeli drone targets a water well in Johr al-Deek, south of the Gaza city


Israeli air forces destroys a house for Al-Hindi family in Beer Alnaja in Jablia, north of the Gaza Strip.


A series of Israeli airstrikes on the Abu-Haddaf neighbourhood, east of Al-Qararah village, in Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip.


Israeli drones targets a civilian house in Beer Alnaja in Jablia, north of the Gaza Strip.


Paramedics retrieved a lady from under the rubble of Al-Dalou family. She is alive.


Israeli air forces strike a house for Atout family in Jabalia, north of the Gaza Strip


Israeli warplanes targets farms in the north of Jablia, north of the Gaza Strip


Al-Qassam challenges Israeli occupation to disclose the real aim behind targeting Al-Dalou family, where three killed, 45 wounded.


Israeli officials said they attempted to assasinate a senior Qassam official in the attack on Sheikh Ridwan hounse that resulted in three deaths and 45 wounded, Israeli TV channel 10 reports.


Israeli security source: we came back to the airstrikes and we are preparing for a ground invasion


Al-Qassam says it targeted Israeli Ben Gurion Airport with J80 rocket.


Hamas military wing, Al-Qassam Brigades, said it launched 33 rockets with different ranges at the Israeli settlements and cities, including Tel-Aviv.

Israeli occupation recognises attacks.


Ministry of health: three killed and 45 wounded in the Israeli attack on Al-Dalou family in Gaza

Baby girl killed in the Israeli attack on Al-Dalou family
Baby girl killed in the Israeli attack on Al-Dalou family


Massive explosions shake the centre of the Gaza city.


Ministry of health: women, baby girl killed, 16 wounded in the Israeli strike on Al-Dalou family


Israeli strike targeted an ambulance. Paramedics reported wounded.


Israeli drone targeted a group of civilian in Atatreh village, far north of the Gaza Strip


One civilian killed and 15 others wounded in an airstrike on a civilian house belonged to Al-Dalou family in Sheikh Ridwa, centre Gaza city


Mohamed Jargoun, 27, died of wounds caused by an Israeli strike


Ministry of Health: three wounded admitted to hospital in Deirul-Balah, Middle of Gaza Strip


Israeli tanks positioned in the east of the Strip starts shelling


Fresh Israeli attack on populated area in Gaza wounded three, including two children


Israeli warplanes launched a series of attacks against civilian targets. At first, they targeted farms along the eastern borders of the Strip.